Catch Them While You Can

This is what I say to myself everytime I have the opportunity to spend some time with my girls. Catch them while I can.

Took Tatiana to the airport on sunday. She is starting her 3rd year at SMITH COLLEGE in the USA. Have a great year, sweetheart. Have a good time and hit the books!!! Yea, that’s just what Mom’s say, so could not help myself. Forgive me, please.

India will be out of Paris a lot these next few months with her modeling work. Paris…..London…..NYC. Hopefully, I can grab her to finish that video on the different ways to wear the Famous Poncho. Hint, Hint, India. I have promised my clients before the end of September. Make time, please!!! Yes, mother begging here.

As for me, girls, I am coming to the USA in October to do my trunk show in NYC, Washington D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles to show my Famous Poncho and a few of my favorites from Crimson this season. Hope to catch up with you somewhere!!! Yes, in case you are wondering, I am following you both wherever you are. Just another little something that Mom’s do. I am legally qualified!!!

O.K. fashion reflection here: I actually realised after taking these photos of the daughters that their “go to piece” is almost always and I mean almost everyday, a black leather jacket.

Tatiana is wearing an YSL quilted black leather jacket with her favorite Equipment silk leopard shirt.

India had her leather jacket made in Marrakech and paired it with a grey Vanessa Bruno T-shirt.

No, I did not ask your permission to put these photos on my blog! Get over it…….I am your mother.


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