Giambattista and Lobb….What?

Now, I would imagine that some of you are going to say “What the Hell was she Thinking”…….right?

Thing is I have been looking for some monk strap shoes for girls, and just cannot find them. So, I stole these from my ex’s closet. He had them made 30 years ago at Lobb in London, and has never worn them. Side story…..he did not like the fact that they put three holes on the strap. When I asked for an explanation, he simply answered, “These shoes are made to measure…….only one hole was needed”. So, being the perfectionist he is, he just never wore them. Exit shoes from his closet and enter mine. Deed done. ‘Nother side story……took two inner soles to keep them on my feet, but whatever…….

That coat? Sure it is a love it or leave it kind of thing, but I LOVE this designer…….Giambattista Valli. Since his price tag is always more than I can do, I just bought this on sale for 50% off during the winter sales. It is beautifully made and something I will keep forever. Oh yes, girls, I have worn it almost everyday since buying it two weeks ago. As you know me, it has mostly been teamed with my baggy boyfriend jeans from APC and a white shirt worn under a black Crimson crew neck. I love collars peeking out over crew necks.

My skirt was made for me by a young designer in Paris. It is made of heavy black felt wool with box pleats at the waist. It sits low on the hips and gave just the touch I felt needed to “girly” up the ensemble.

Beret by Crimson, Sunglasses by Bottega Veneta and picari gloves by Crimson and cable knit scarf by Crimson.

Love it or leave it?


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