La Prestic Ouiston and Me in Marrakech

La Prestic Ouiston is the name of the label. I love this designer, and she made my trip to Marrakech so simple.

I rarely feel comfortable in skirts, but this one is full of charm. I fell in love with the ballet theme and the pretty greens and beiges with just a touch of orange-red here and there. To tell you the truth, I bought this skirt to sell in my boutique for this winter’s season. I wanted to team it with my cashmere sweaters and maybe the silhouette including some warm ribbed silk stockings (I carry them in Crimson) and great winter boots.

No, ladies, I never even put them out on the floor to sell. I changed my mind on how it could be best worn. Spring time with ballet shoes or even sandals…….or as I am wearing now with velvet slippers. This is the perk of having my shop, I can go with my feelings. Do not ask my accountant what he thinks!!!

As you can see by this posting and my post before, I stuck to the theme of light cashmere for warmth and pretty printed silk for my pleasure.

Now, for the boring details, because I love talking fashion with you:

Beige fluffy (because it is light and airy) crew neck sweater – Crimson- by the way, I am putting these on my website again for next month for my spring/summer collection. They have become a staple in my wardrobe as they can be worn 9 months out of the year.

Ladies in my shop think I am crazy when I suggest they trying pairing their poncho with a sweater as in a twin-set. Seriously, I see them looking at me in a quizzical way…..As in “is she serious”? Well, yes, I am, because I find it nice to minimize the color scheme most of the time. ‘Specially if there are prints going on. Get me? This is not just a ploy to sell another poncho, girls!!! I am most sincere with my recommendations.

Stubbs and Wootten (palm beach) slippers I love you, too.

P.S. As you might have noticed, I am having BIG problems with cropping my pictures correctly, and I am tired of asking my “blog” people to help me resolve the problem. So, I just post as I go…….knowing it is not technically correct. I guess you could say I have hit a wall with calling “them” and asking those “young technical wizards” to help this “nice lady” (that being me) to figure out the “why” and “how” of posting my pictures as they were taken. Blogging may look simple, but there is (or was) a team of people that I engaged and hence paid to evolve my blog. I have now hired a young, talented and very NICE and patient young lady to go see THEM next week and get it FIXED for me while I am working in Italy. Nope, I am too embarrassed to return myself!!! Good luck, Magadalena, I am counting on your abilities now. Seems I have none.

P.S.S. At least you are spared of seeing my head in the above pix. A perk at a price, because Blog Setter Uppers are expensive!!!


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