Packing for Marrakech

Packing for Marrakech was an effort for me this trip. I need choices but am less patient with taking too much and returning with many pieces of clothing that were just unnecessary. Planning a daily wardrobe seems to be the best option, afterall.

Marrocan weather is perfect during the month of October. Days are full of sunshine and the evenings are pleasantly cool. So, the problems come only with deciding which sweaters and cover-ups for the evening should be included. This is what takes up space, and I was trying to limit myself to a single suitcase that needed to be checked. Third day into my retreat and I know already which pieces of clothing were not needed. Believe it or not…….coming from me……….my jeans were a waste of space. Marrakech deserves a bit more reflection. Felt like something more special…….more feminin………well, in my own definition of feminin. You know me by now and I have yet to feel comfortable in too much of a “lady like look”. Hey, never say never!!!

Ever needed a few days of self-exile with no distractions from people or work? Sound selfish? Believe me, there comes a time when one needs to recharge one’s energies so as to be more efficient at work and more effective for the people you care about and encounter.

Writing my blog is a pleasure, and I am happy to have this personal distraction.

Juicy Couture velvet pants in soft salmon color blends in well with the pinkness of Marrakech. Missoni knit top in pastel colors (stolen from India’s clothes selected to be sold on ebay) Crazy girl!!! Aurelie Biderman bracelets (birthday present for Tatiana that I kept for myself after careful reflection) Vintage fine straw hat (orginally MINE) Gold tropezienne sandals from Rondini in St. Tropez Love Me necklace from Ginette, NY (borrowed permanently from Tatiana’s selection of jewelry to be left at home after departure for college) Another crazy girl!!!

I would like to thank for daughters for their castaways. Money not gone to waste for Mom.


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