Kadri’s Gift

Recently, I was given a gift from someone I work with for my boutique. His name is Kadri and his country is Kashmir. He and his business partner, Rauf, make beautiful scarves and Crimson is priviledged to have them in shop. They form an incredible work force and their presence in my shop has become invaluable.

Kadri comes to Paris often to work, and I enjoy each and every visit. We have formed a friendship that I enjoy immensely. This friendship just happened before I knew it. Have you ever had a relationship with someone and then one day realised that this person has become important in your life? Well, that’s Kadri for me. When I have not seen him in awhile, I start wondering how he is and where he is. Kadri travels on every continent for the success of his profession. I might go so far as to say, his passion.

This last summer found Kadri hosting some visiting Italian friends on a trip into the mountains of Kashmir. This is Kadri in all his spendor. I can just imagine the effort and love that was spent organising this trip. All done with that marvelous smile on his face.

I was not forgotten on that trip as Kadri brought back to Paris this lovely surprise for me. I absolutely love the story behind this gift. It would seem that while wandering through a village in the mountains, there was a young lady sitting on a shop floor making these bracelets. As Kadri has an appreciative eye for all artisans, he stopped to understand what the young lady was doing. One of my favorite stories about Kadri is when he admitted that what he loved most about his business is when he is sitting on the floor in the home of someone who is in the process of embroidering something incredibly delicate on a handspun cashmere scarf. Some of these artisans will spend several months to a year to present their finished work to Kadri and Rauf.

This bracelet has not left my arm since the day I received it. My imagination soars to the mountains of Kashmir and the young woman sitting on the floor of that shop, and my appreciation goes to the young man who thought of me on that day.

Sending hugs to him from Marrakech. Take care, Kadri.


Matia BaroniComment