Odors of Marrakech

There are several reasons why I keep returning to Marrakech. Royal Air Maroc has several flights a day from Paris, and in only 3 and 1/2 hours I can find myself in a city that offers any visitor an abundance of sensorial emotions.

Personally, I love associating places with smells. Every place I visit in Marrakech offers me such exotic odors. La Mamounia has a particular odor that I recognize immediately upon my arrival. On this trip I finally discovered what it is. Dates, Cedar and Rose. The newly opened hotel boutique offers the candle that is the scent of La Mamounia. Let’s see if I appreciate it as much in Paris as I do when I enter this mythic hotel. Some elements are best left where we first discovered them.

The basic reason for this visit was to take a week’s worth of regenerating my batteries. Sunshine and a slower pace are guaranteed here for me. I spend my time doing nothing!!! Well, almost nothing. I did discover a young man who is passionate about his country’s lost art of weaving certain textiles. He and I are trying to give that lost art a pathway to renewal. My idea is to make modern capes to be made out of handwoven wool and then hand embroidered with a 1930′s design that is no longer used either. Once again, that will be better explained in another post. Soon to come!!! Pictures included.

Meanwhile back at La Mamounia…….my daily dose of glorious sunshine and doing laps in the swimming pool.

Crimson’s scarf as pareo: This particular one is made of silk, linen and cotton. I love the different hues of blues…….indigo, navy blue, sky blue and even a blue green…..and the sea life designs make it come alive.

Eres black piquet swimsuit. Wish I had bought two. I am wearing it out!!!

Arthur & Fox striped silk blouse

Another satisfying day in a country of incredibly nice people. They alone give me sunshine.


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