Loden is My Black

I LOVE the color loden. It evokes images of the Scottish Highlands and reminds me of my visit to the Isle of Shetland a few years back. DO NOT get me started on that trip. Ended up getting fogged in at the airport and had to take a ferry overnight to Edinburg. I slept in the galley!!! All of that just to visit a spinning mill!!! What I have not done for my passion for fashion………that and trying to make a living at it.

OK back to the story at hand. Loden is not the most commercial color I had assumed. However, it became the color this season. I manufactured cable knit bonnets, scarves, ponchos and sweaters all in this color.

Much to my surprise they have all been strong sellers. One never knows in this business. I had to actually reorder my Famous Poncho in loden as they all sold out immediately upon arriving in Crimson. This always pleases me when I can make my customers happy with something I love wearing.

My favorite personal buy of this winter season is my loden green down coat from 45 RPM. It has proven to be my go to everyday coat. Light as a feather, rain proof and warmer than warm.

Crew neck cashmere in loden from Crimson

Poncho from Crimson

Washed silk scarf from Hermes

Brown suede boots from Hermes

Black leather with brown handle bag from Henry Cuir Paris (all handmade in leather) and to die for!!!

Cameo earrings from Florence (looked for years before I found them)

Leather belt from Hermes

Vintage 40′s Cartier Tank Watch (present from my ex-husband who had engraved on it Time is On My Side). Very romantic at the time!!!

Gold rings from Ibu Gallery Palais Royale Paris

Persol sunglasses from my daughter India. So sweet, sweetheart. Mom loves them!!!

Mala bead bracelet from my friend Caroline from Hong Kong……….thank you, darling.

As you can see from the pix, I have let my hair grow quite long and have been toying with the idea of cutting it much shorter. I love the idea of having NO HAIR STYLE. Cannot do hair styles anymore. Seems outdated somehow for my age. Still, I wonder if shoulder length might be a bit more fresh looking. Any ideas on this subject?

Have a good week!!! Love from Linda


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