The Jean Skirt

Simple story about two simple girls:

Caroline is my girlfriend from Hong Kong. She is a stylist in China and has more fashion knowledge than should be allowed for any single person. She has become my guru for everything that is positive in life. You know there are just some people you meet, who seem to give all they have to give. Caroline has been this revelation in my life. She sends me links about her Buddhist master and beautiful chants. She sends me the right addresses for yoga classes in Paris. Yes, she sends me Paris addresses from Hong Kong!!! She sends me fabulous recipes for health drinks and great vegetarian meals. Seriously, the girl is GOLD.

Caroline and I met through my blog about four years ago. She was doing some research on-line and stumbled onto my blog. She has made comments from time to time and I have learned to appreciate her responses. During the last fashion week in Paris, Caroline came into my boutique and introduced herself. We became fast friends and now there is no looking back!!! Since she went back to Hong Kong, we e-mail almost daily and I miss her when she is travelling the world with her work and cannot be bothered to check in with poor little old me back in Paris.

Caroline and I both happened to be wearing jean skirts the day she popped into my boutique.

Caroline’s is vintage Alaia from Paris and mine is vintage Levi straight from Texas.

Caroline’s shoes are handmade navy blue and white brogues…….my boots are the same ones you always see on me from Hermes.

Caroline’s navy cashmere sweater is a vintage piece she found in London…….my silk print top is from Giambattisti Valli, rue Boissy d’Anglas, Paris.

I love Caroline’s gold handmade chain from her contact in Hong Kong. She has managed to accumulate various and sundry charms from around the world on her travels that makes it really a personal statement. She has very kindly offered to reproduce this same chain for my website and boutique.

My stars were aligned exactly the way I like them the day Caroline walked into my shop. Yes, I can call them my Lucky Stars, and I am hoping Caroline and I will be friends forever.


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