What Age Black?

OK now!!! Ladies, do NOT get nuts on me, but What Age Black? Is is a possibility that at some age, black can be severe? Granted, it could be that I just feel slightly severe when I wear all black. Can’t even say that wearing black lacks imagination, as there are so many beautiful options out there.

However, on this particular day, I had some fun……..severe fun!!! I have teamed my black silk box pleat dress with an oversized raglan sleeve cashmere crew neck. As temperatures do not allow for wearing silk without some backup (LOL) warmth, I opted for ribbed black wool stockings with my heavy soled black oxford shoes. Girls, we must keep the “backup” along with the feet warm!!!

My necklace is an ongoing love affair. I consider it my charm necklace and add pieces that speak to me as I go along. There are several of my fave Hamsas from Marrakech, a 1920′s whistle from Tiffany’s, a ring from one of my fave French silversmith’s and various other personal momentos. These are all placed on an ivory silk cord from Mokuba in Paris.

Black silk dress……………La Prestic Ouiston

Cashmere crew neck…….Crimson

Oxford shoes……………….Church’s


Am now in Marrakech and enjoying some very sporatic Internet service at my hotel. Last night I seemed to have accidently suspended my e-mail service in an attempt to turn off my computer!!! Oh My God!!! Help!!!

Yes, this story is true!!! I am that technically handicapped. This and the fact that I have developed laryngitis might undermine my attemps to contact loved ones during this holiday season. So, for those of you who might feel concerned by my plight, I offer apologies if I am not responding to communication. Hope to resurface soon with a new found healthy voice and e-mail service. Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays and this end of year season.

Gonna go try some hot mint tea for my vocal cords……..


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