I Need This Djellaba

Back for a few days in Marrakech as my sister is visiting from Texas, and I wanted to share this beautiful city with her. Needless to say, the souks have provided endless hours of fascination and fun.

After a dozen visits over the last four years, I am accustomed to seeing beautifully made clothing. However, when I came across this black linen djellaba today in one of my favorite boutiques, I pretty much knew I could not resist. I have yet to make the actual purchase, because I now give myself a 24 hour reflection period before making a decision. I find I make less errors and my choices are for a reason. Well, most of the time!!!

As you can see by the photo, it is indeed a piece very indicative of the Moroccan culture. This particular piece of clothing is called a djellaba, and is still the predominant way of dressing for both men and women today. This one is made of a beautiful quality of linen, but what really speaks to me is the ivory silk hand embroidery. Who would not want to own such a beautifully made garment?

Now, let’s just hope that it is still there tomorrow……Destiny rules in this case.


Matia BaroniComment