Who Is That Girl?

Her name is Justine and it is impossible for me not to ask permission to take her picture. As quickly as she walks into Crimson, my shop girls and I are happy to have her presence.

Justine is rare and refined. She is not what we call a “cool girl”, but everything about her persona is beyond cool. Any fashion editor worthy of their position, would recognize this girl as an icon in the making. Yes, that’s what I said…….an icon in the making and a special breed at that.

I do believe these photos speak for themselves in saying she is the epitome of pretty. The girl does not know the word “pretentious”. I know her life’s passion is reserved for her horses and I know she loves perfume. I do not know much more as Justine does not talk about herself. Discretion and niceness are words that come to mind. Jealous of Justine? Could not happen, because she does not solicit that reaction. She smiles and the world smiles back.

Justine, you are a girl’s kind of girl and we love you for that. Hurry back to see us!!!


Matia BaroniComment