Camel Coats and Gucci Loafers

My new camel coat is actually not warm, but I feel safe and sound wearing it. What you do not see in these pictures, is that it is totally unlined and totally not cozy for the mid winter chills that are gripping Paris at the moment. However, I love wearing this coat teamed with layers of cashmere and pretending that I am warm. Oh, when will I learn!!! Answer…….never. When I am in the mood to wear something, I will adapt it to the weather conditions.

Do not know about you, but come February, I am ready to check in the blacks and greys for something a little lighter in color and in this case…….weight. So, with another of my winter sale bargain buys, I WILL make this work……NOW.

These days, I decide the main article that I am in the mood to wear, and work my wardrobe around that.

It could be a necessary item or even an unimportant accessory that just makes me feel good for the day. Am I just late catching on or this is the way you all get dressed each day? In any case, this seems to be working for me, because I am now having more fun putting together my look for the day. Start with something you really feel like wearing and make the rest work with that piece.

Today’s weather mandated layers so…..Camel coat with grey cashmere t-shirt……for extra coziness, I added my navy cardigan with double grosgrain ribbon trimming the neck and pockets. My heavy duty white cotton men’s jeans are from 45 RPM. I wash these jeans and then lay them out to dry. NO ironing to get that overall soft wrinkle look. Hermes belt with vintage Gucci loafers and a lightweight cashmere blackwatch scarf.

Glad winter sales are over, because my pocketbook is saying STOP in the name of………..closet space?


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