Linda’s Details

It is difficult while driving down the cobble stones of Paris to notice anything but the amazing architecture, the houseboats on the Seine, the gold leafed statues, the bronz lamp posts lining the Pont Alexandre III, and yet, today I got a huge smile on my face, because I spied something else…… spring buds on the trees. First sign of spring, and I could not help myself……..I felt giddy…….I felt like all is well in the world. Nothing wrong with that, right? Grab those positive emotions and go with them, I say. Granted, I only went as far as Smith, my favorite bookshop, but as you will see by my choice of books…….love is in the air. What greater emotion is there?

Personel details today:

My favorite reading glasses from Meyrowitz………style is called Manhattan

Vintage Hermes bag

Hermes Zodiac scarf

Cameo earrings found in Florence, Italy (side note: I have searched for over a year for a pair of Cameo earrings, and I stumbled upon these in a tiny shop on a tiny hidden away street in Florence. Love them.)

Now for that choice of lecture:

The Houses of Veranda by Lisa Newsom is the Most Beautiful decorator’s book I have seen in a long time.

Afar magazine offers a special story on a tiny Texas town……how could I not buy this? Plus, it says, 31 experiences in AMERICA you haven’t heard of. Curiosity is aroused, right?

Now, for the “love is in the air” theme, I purchased two very promising novels to be read on my next vacation………coming soon……must add that the author of the Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris will be signing her book on the 19th of March, and she has invited her favorite chocolate maker in Paris to be there with her (apparently with his chocolates!!!). Seriously, yes, I will be attending this event!!!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday.


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