Joelle’s Details

Joelle is an interieur architect based out of Paris. Her projects are numerous and varied and yes, I have already spoken to you about this talented woman. To understand her eye for design, I encourage you to Google……Joelle Pleot…..and check out the images associated with the Amyra Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus.

Catching up with Joelle is always a challenge as she spends most of her time travelling from one project to the next and trains and planes are her second home. I never leave my camera at home when Joelle and I meet up for our sunday brunch at Rose Bakery in the Marais. Of course Joelle lives in the Marais!!! Just the coolest place Paris has to offer.

Luxury could be a word I would associate with Joelle. She needs beautiful quality in her life. Her clients are lucky as she works to bring that same beautiful quality into their environments. On a personal level, she prefers unlined black cashmere coats from Lanvin or Prada, silk pyjamas as day wear from Louis Vuitton or Prada, jewelry from Ibu Gallery in Palais Royale. Her cashmere is frequently found at Prada but she is a loyal fan of Crimson’s cashmere poncho. Hey, what else could she count on for a little warmth when needed on her travels!!!

I sound like a broken record, but seriously, Joelle, thank you for bringing only the beautiful into our lives.

Promise to call when you are back in town!!!


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