Boots and Pearls for Girls

I have been travelling in the USA doing trunk shows with my knitwear since two weeks. Timing was awful as my new blog format was launched just the day before I left. Now, Marlene, who has been my guiding light and guardian angel during these weeks of new design concept is hours away in Paris. She is the master mind of any progress I can make right now and our availability schedules DO NOT coincide. So, I am inching towards understanding a little more each day. Would have been so much easier if I could have popped into her office and said O.K., Marlene, just do it!!! I DO NOT understand. O.K., enough crying and giving excuses for not posting for several days, but here goes another try…..I am launching…….Here goes……Cross your fingers……..All by myself…….Don’t wanna be…….

P.S. Do any of you have as many problems as I do for technological advancement. I mentioned this to Marlene before she took this job on. She will have to sit with me for many hours when I get back to Paris. She did it, but I don’t get it!!!

Look of the day explanation (this I can do):

I like a little “cowgirl” mixed with a little “lady”. These are my favorite classic roper boots hand made for me in Texas by Lucchese. I have had them for 32 years. I do not think they will be worn in before I am worn out.

My pearls were meant to give me a little class today. Somedays I just need a lot of help!!! Yes, no class days for me are like bad hair days. I guess I just like things a little off.


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