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I have been thinking that I would like to try to be more consistent with posting something on my blog. How might I do this in a timely fashion……….yes, even daily. Let me get straight to the point if possible…….considering my mode of going on and on when trying to explain any and everything I want to say. Never got that “concise writing” concept down. However, let me try to proceed as precisely as possible.

My idea is to post a daily diary of details of my look for the day. If you do not care about these details, I understand perfectly, and you are instantly forgiven for your nonchalant attitude!!! It is not that I consider myself a fashion maven, far from that, as I do not have the budget and or desire or fashion sensibility to be a polished player in the pret-a-porter world. Indeed it is far from my lifestyle as I see it.

I am a working woman who earns a living doing something that I love…….dressing people. Also, I enjoy the details of getting dressed. My own wardrobe and personal way of dressing is always consistent….. a need to feel comfortable in the way I present myself. I just cannot pull off a girly princess look. Honestly? Yes, I wish I could, but at 64 years of age, I think I have come to accept that is just not me. Maybe in my next life.

So here is the first in a series of my daily details:

Silk scarf from Forget Me Not for Crimson. The french designer of this line of scarves is only 27 and her name is CoCo. She draws her own designs and does the coloring. She is an amazing talent, and I always carry many of her scarves in Crimson each season.

Camel coat from Arthur & Fox

Grey cashmere beret from Crimson

Brogues from Marc Jacobs

Grey cashmere cardie from Crimson

All of this was thrown on with a pair of white jeans. Socks for those shoes? Oatmeal colored cashmere.

Glass frames from Trapp on Madison Avenue in NYC. I bought these frames in October and just had my opticien, Meyrowitz on rue Castiglione in Paris, put in lenses to protect my eyes from the City glare. I think there is a need for a different kind of protective lense for the City light and the sun on a beach, for example. First time trying this, but I opted for a slight degradation. Darker at top and becoming more transparent on the bottom of the lense. Hope to try them out tomorrow!!! No sun today.

My handy coin purse from Anya Hindmarch was found in a darling shop in Nottinghill….London. I was tired of carrying a purse while on a trip to London, and decided to buy this and try the whole weekend without carrying a purse. Worked out perfectly. Placed this coin purse in my coat pocket and was hands free…….what a glorious feeling.

Had enough? Yea, me too. Still, I am enjoying sharing these details with you………..Hugs from Paris.

P.S. My favorite detail of the day? I noticed buds on the trees along the Seine. Spring is just around the corner.


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