Isadora…A girl to love.

I am usually quite shy about asking permission to take a picture of someone. My usual procedure is taking mental notes of what was interesting to my eye and writing them down later for inspiration. However, Isadora was an exception and I could not pass up this opportunity. Her personal style is so much fun. Honestly, she is the Parisienne answer to New York’s Carrie Bradshaw. I have never ventured this comment regarding anyone!!!

From the moment she walked into Crimson, my staff and I were under her spell. She was gracious and radiating positve energy. Isadora is an interior architect and just finishing her internship with a firm in Paris. If I could give someone a recommendation, it would be to hire her NOW before someone starts a television series using her as the main character.

The girl is an incredible force of nature and inspired my confidence from the first moment she looked me directly in the eyes when saying “bonjour”. I always admire this in a person as I feel it speaks well of their character. Not everyone bothers!!! It is obvious that these things matter for this young lady.

Isadora…….such a pleasure to have met you. Your visit kept me and the girls smiling all afternoon long.

Isadora’s details:

Bag from Givenchy

Boots from Hermes

Scarf from Crimson

Isadora……a self styled girl!!!


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