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Fashion week in Paris and today I visited a few of my accessory suppliers at the tents in the Tuileries….those beautiful gardens adjacent to the Louvre. The location is inspiring, but the collections were less inspiring. It is very difficult to come up with something new and exciting and totally desireable each season.

This is why I told my sales girls just this week, that if I can continue doing great quality cashmere in great basic shapes that find their place in the “classic keepers” section of someone’s closet, then I feel as if I am doing a good job. I shall leave the designing to those talented fashion geniuses whose creations fill the pages of Vogue. Would not have minded a few creative genes, myself!!!

Scarves have become a major deal in my boutique. I may have gotten a bit carried away for this spring and summer season, as I must have bought about 200 different references. My biggest challenge will be to find some ingenius idea to display them. Not evident in a 40 square meters space. Whatever……it will all work out!!!

My working uniform for the day as follows:

I have two rings that I wear everyday. My signet ring that I wear on my little finger on my right hand. I actually did help design this ring……..had almost forgotten my moment of genius here. Hopefully, you will understand that the design is a W for Wright. I asked the people at Benetton in Paris to show me their old french heraldic archives, and I kind of mixed what I like with what they could use to make a pretty W. They refused to do a LVW as they said the letters did not work together. Who would have known, right? Benetton is a very old “maison” that specialises in signet rings for the french royal and noble families. Of course the task with the “royals” and “nobles” is easier as they have their own coat of arms. I am from Texas, and all I have are my initials. LOL!!!

The other ring was designed by a woman whom I admired very much. Her name was Ibu, and she insisted I buy this ring, as she said, as it is a strong statement, it would make me a strong woman. That was almost 20 years ago. Ibu’s daughters continue to display her incredible jewelry in the wonderful Ibu Galerie situated in Palais Royale.

My vintage Cartier tank watch is one of my post prized possessions. Talk about timeless!!!

Pistachio green crew neck and cardigan by Crimson. This color is not for the weak woman.

Leather belt and jodphur boots by Hermes.

Red boucle’ tweed coat by Arthur & Fox. This was a sample and nobody wanted it……..Got the best deal.

APC jean………the best denim made in Japan.

Natural beige pashmina scarf………a gift from Kadri, my scarf manufacturer from Kashmire.

Hope your sunday is going well.


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