Lizzi….Girl on the Go

Elizabeth Bickford is her name, and I have had the pleasure of knowing her since she was born. Her mom and I have been best friends since our modeling days in Chicago…..that was 40 years ago.

I cannot help but reminisce about the summer holidays together in the Hamptons. Those treks to the beach with our young girls in tow. Betsy with daughters Hillary and Lizzie and me with India and Tatiana. We have shared our lives “up-close” you might say. I am talking laughter and tears. Yet, after all these years, the bonds are there forever, and I cannot think of anything more glorious than having this extended family in my life. Now, to add to the fun…….try to follow…….Lizzi’s sister, Hillary, who is my godchild, has two year old twin girls…….Miss Beatrice and Miss Charlotte. So, this summer will find us trekking to the beach……8 girls all in a row!!!

Lizzi graduated from Marymount College in NYC with a degree in the arts…..majoring in music. She is now making a name for herself in the public relations world. While based in New York, she has worked side by side with the top artists in the music industry. Now that she has worked her magic on the whole East Coast of America, she is busy convincing clients in Europe. Believe me……This girl is capable. Let’s face it, everyone needs someone brilliant and beautiful with energy in overdrive to help them move forward, right?

Loved Lizzi’s look when she paid me a visit in Paris last week. The girl knows how to put herself together.

Leather Jacket from Zara

Poncho from Crimson

Bracelets from Hermes

Boots from Aigle

Fushia leather bag from Mulberry

Leather tote from Louis Vuitton

Jodphur pants from Barney’s NYC

Hat was a gift from a friend we all know in the music industry, but I am NOT going to say his name. She is discreet and did not give me permission. The girl can even keep a secret!!!

Love you, Lizzie, and could not be more proud of the fine young woman you are today.


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