Work and Windows

I never know exactly what I will be putting in my windows until I start playing around with the merchandise. On the other hand, I am always in the mood for one thing or another. It just happens. Like life in general, right?

Color themes are always present, because that’s Crimson’s thing. There is always an overwhelming choice of colors. Brights, pastels, basics and the last minute emotions when I am placing my production orders. I always get a little crazy hoping to fill the gap in someone’s need or particular desire for that season. This is my favorite part of having my own boutique. With a little luck my emotions might even have some logic!!!

Sometimes I like monochromatic and sometimes I feel like a burst of color for the windows. Obviously on this particular day, I was in the mood for color!!! Notice the selection of men’s socks…….talk about color.

Scarves have become more and more present in the Crimson collection over the past three or four years. It would seem that my international clientel is catching on to the french culture of wearing scarves……be it men or women. Yea, some American men are still hesitant, but at least they listen when I explain the fun of finding a scarf that fits their attitude. Hey, guys deserve a try on, too!!!

Leaving Marrakech for Paris tomorrow. Looking forward to being home and back in my shop. Need to change those windows!!! Feel like something fresh.


Matia BaroniComment