Torn Jeans and Cashmere

I love my torn jeans, but am wrestling with the idea that I should put them on a back shelf and forget they are there. What do you think?

Problem being that despite my promises to myself that it is time to clean up my act, I keep pulling elements just as these old, old, old jeans out of my closet. Promise, you ask? Yes, you see, I truly believe that at 60+ it would be nice if I refined my style just a tad. Grown up dressing might be more appealing for a lady of my age.

I even promised myself to clean out my closet this weekend and pack take-away boxes of articles I deem “no longer” appropriate. I have thus far……..packed nothing. Tomorrow is another day and perhaps tomorrow is indeed the day, that I will feel the desire to truly look myself in the mirror and say, “Linda, you can do this!!!”

Truth being that I do feel like changing the way I dress. I feel like being a little more refined in my choices. Do not laugh!!! Anything is possible if one just sets one’s mind to it. Desire is the key word. Let us see how strong my desire is.

Shoes are by Paul Smith

Pink Cashmere sweater by Crimson (by the way every girl needs a pink cashmere cardie in her closet)

Scarf by Hermes (I would keep all of these!) Belt by Hermes, also. Let’s face it…….Hermes does nice work!

Socks by Crimson

Shirt by exhusband (thanks for the souvenir!) In fact, lovely shirt that is entirely handmade and is about 30 years old. Just the best blue and the fabric is the softest poplin. Then again after 30 years, what does one expect. Right?

Have a great week girls………have missed talking with you all.


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