Marrakech Je T’aime

It could be for a number of reasons that I love Marrakech. Even when it is cloudy, the light is still beautiful. Those majestic snow-capped Atlas Mountains to be admired in the distance. Golden sunrises to be seen through the palm trees or the pink sunsets over the desert. The souks have yet to lose their magic for me. How could they? It would take years to really know them and grow tired of their offerings. I still search for antique Hamsas or old Berber satchels. The richness in the heritage is overwhemingly present at every moment and on every corner.

I love the traditional hooded capes on the gentlemen and the djellabas on the ladies. Elegance in its most simple and assuming form. It is their birthright. It is an inherited education.

These photos are just a few of hundreds I snap on every visit. Hopefully, you are not getting tired of Me and Marrakech, because I think we have a long way to go together.


Matia BaroniComment