Animal Prints Forever

Did I ever mention to you that I am a vegetarian? I think it has been about 15 years since I last had meat for a meal. However, I consider myself to be a fake vegetarian, because I still consume fish. I love sushi and sashimi, but I am totally against killing animals for my own consumption. So, for the moment, I consider myself a total hypocrit in that department. Gotta get some discipline going here. I am serious. NOT proud of myself.

Meanwhile, I LOVE animal prints……any and all. I remember my first fashion moment when I was about 13 years of age. There was one chic department store in Ft. Worth, Texas. Well, the only one I knew. I used to go and peruse the clothes for hours and hours on a saturday. Even at this age, I was already making scenarios in my head about where I could wear them and the allure and attitude they would give me. I created a little movie around each piece I liked. It stopped there, because our family budget did not include the possibilities of purchases in this particular store. I was happy enough creating a different way of life in the fabricated movie of my mind. Well, back to my fashion moment. Once while dream shopping for my movie, I spotted a leopard print fake fur coat. Coup de coeur as the french say. I must have returned a dozen times to look at that coat. One day I got lucky, because some little girl’s mom and dad asked if I could try it on for them. Seems I was about the same size as their daughter and it would be a Christmas present for her. I remember feeling so proud putting on the coat and turning around and around so they could admire me in that coat. As if it were yesterday, I remember their smiles of approval and words of gratitude for my help.

Well, 50 years later, I have my own animal prints. I still remember and love that coat, mind you, but hey, I am very happy with what I have today. I learned to work and buy my own animal prints. I am still creating scenarios, however.

When I saw these Celine python print shoes, I imagined myself getting off the plane in Marrakech with my leopard print scarf hanging loosely around my neck. Another adventure to be lived.

Hope you are living your own.


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