One more time!!!

Boring……tiring……same old thing…….but NOT!!!

See? No holes in those APC jeans……trying a different technique by not washing them out too much. Raw denim gives such another personality to jeans. Dare I say it? What the hell…….go for it, Linda. I feel raw denim looks more dressy. Guess I am hopeless. You guessed it……I am keeping those old jeans and wearing new ones too.

Now, my idea in these last two posts is actually to show you how my week goes……wardrobe wise. It is your fault, ladies and one very nice gentleman (left me a lovely message on my Linda V. Wright blog) you have encouraged me that getting too serious with age is not necessary (Thanks Susan Stewart, my aunt Bec, my sister Judy, my ………well, my support group). I was seriously very touched by the response. Do you ever doubt what you are doing? So tiring, right? Much better just to get up in the morning and go with your basic instincts and hope all will be O.K. with the day.

This will be a last post of me for awhile……seriously, I am not that full of myself!!! However, I do believe that the 60 plus age group gets left out of the picture in so many ways. When I look around, I see so many incredibly stylish ladies that deserve a nod of the head and heart. You know what I mean, right?

Not to worry……I will not get started on men and younger women. Nope, not going there!!! So, ladies, you are getting a nod of my head and heart for being who you are at this time in your life. Appreciate yourselves, girls. Talk about spontaneous writing and rambling thoughts…….seriously, I think it is the green tea I over infused (delicate stuff, this!) on a very cold and dreary May 1st in Paris. And what is that about? 10 degrees and raining on May 1st…….I am thinking I might do a marathon of my favorite romcoms. You might have guessed I am the queen of those.

So Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep on my agenda today. Think I am in a mood!!!

So, one more time a nice little classic Hermes scarf to class up the outfit. That belt, also, Hermes.

Starting to recognize my staples? Yep same thing over and over…….

Belgian loafers forever and ever. Love these green lizard printed ones with the black piping. My last ones I wore in the rain……never do that with Belgian loafers as they will be ruined forever. So just purchased these. They look new, right? Once again trying to keep it clean from time to time.

Red mohair coat from Arthur & Fox……bought it on sale for 50% off…….seems nobody wanted it. I know why, now. People smarter than me knew the mohair would look terrible after 3 wearings. Yep, I have to comb it everytime I want to put it on. Still, I like the color and texture.

Navy crew neck in loose knit cashmere. Has become my favorite article from my shop. So light and easy for all year round. O.K. not august!!!

O.K. out the door. Restarting my exercise program…..starts with a run in the Tuileries…….not a bad atmosphere……..beautiful gardens just on the back of the Louvre and those fire men working out with their shorts on……Oh, older women and younger men…….One last laugh before I let you go, girls!!!


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