Cowgirl Blues

This is called homesick.

I miss Texas, I miss tacos, I miss margaritas, I miss a cold Corona, I miss rootbeer in a frosted mug, I miss country western music, and I think my Granny was right. She always said I should come back home and marry a cowboy.

My sister Judy, my Aunt Bec and I always meet up in the summer and do a road trip to visit our native West Texas. It is our ritual. We call ourselves the Three Musketeers and we have a hell of a good time.

We leave Ft. Worth and head west. First stop is always at our favorite cowboy cafe. We count the pick up trucks in the parking lot and know if we are on time to see the local cowboys gathered for their morning chat over a strong cup of coffee. I love seeing their faces. Weathered, wrinkled and real.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Cowboys are gentlemen.

Yep, this cowgirl has got the blues. Needing to see my West Texas sunset behind the cactus.