Kelly’s Style

Kelly is a new addition to the Crimson Cast of Characters, and we are already under the influence of her style. In this case, I am not talking fashion sense, I am talking personal sense of being.

She delivers a quick hello and an infectuous smile to everyone who walks in the door. The girl can’t help it. She is natural and spontaneous and can’t do it any other way. How utterly relaxing for me to know my clients will get the “Kelly Treatment” when they walk in the door of my boutique. Her smile substitutes for the sunlight that seems to be missing this season.

At 26 years of age, she loves mixing high and low and pulls it off with panache and freshness. Her mode of transportation around Paris is her trottinet, and I loved capturing her arrival to work today. Those paint splattered jeans and Prada flats fit her personality perfectly. Nothing pretentious about this girl.

Kelly, welcome to Crimson. You have managed to capture our hearts in a short period of time, and we are here to watch over you while you are adapting to the City of Lights. Now, darling, just one more thing. I am positioning myself for meeting any potential gentlemen suitors. Tell your Mom back in Belgium she can relax. I am the guardian of her angel!!! So back off, boys!!!


Matia BaroniComment