A Particular Day at Dior

These pictures are all part of a special evening I attended last week at the Dior boutique on ave. Montaigne in Paris. Obviously there are too many photos, but it became impossible for me not to include each and everyone. They tell the story.

Dior opens its doors to showcase the different ateliers once every year. It is always elegant and informative. A particular individual from each atelier presents the craftsmanship that goes into the making of each article sold on the premises of this world famous boutique.

It has been awhile since since my decision to invest in a Lady Di purse from Dior. Princess Diana was presented with her namesake bag as a gift from Dior and it quickly became a favorite as she was frequently photographed with it in hand. I am even more adamant since I saw the minute detail that goes into the construction of this bag. I am taking my time on deciding the color and size.

Two hundred hours went into the making of the ring from Dior’s jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane. She is a wealth of creativity, and I love the romance and poetry of her designs. As the Dior jewelry boutique is just down the street from my own boutique, I often pretend I am Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and do my own version in from of Victoire’s beautifully displayed jewelry in Dior’s window.

Hopefully you will enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed my evening at Dior.


Matia BaroniComment