Shorts or No More Shorts

Simple question for you. IS there indeed an age when shorts are no longer appropriate?

As you all know, I seem to be the last one to throw in the towel for age reasons. In fact, it just never occurs to me that something should be forbidden because of a certain age limit. We ARE talking appropriate wearing apparel here and not alcoholic beverages for minors.

I have quietly been turning the pages on certain categories. However, I am wondering if I need to just close the book entirely as far as shorts are concerned. Yea, I know. What the hell is wrong with this woman you are asking, right? Hasn’t she anything else to worry about or to concern herself with? Sure, lots!!! Trust me on that……..I do read the papers and watch the news!!! Sometimes. It’s just that summer became official as of yesterday. Serious stuff, this. Calendar dates and all.

So, at 65 years of age, should I continue showing my legs with all of those brown spots and slight wrinkles here and there. The sagging skin doesn’t sound pretty either, does it? Well, the fact is……..they are not ugly, but they are not without their age related features, either. On one hand, I do not really give a damn, and on the other hand, there are stylish options. However, it is friday night. I have had one hell of a work week and honestly am too exhausted to carry on like a crazy woman concerning older lady options for shorts. Just tell me….

YES or NO for the shorts this summer? Close the book on shorts or carry on as if nobody notices?

Put yourself in my place when you will be my age or if you are my age, what are you doing?

Whew, I feel better already just having talked with you about it!!! Thanks for listening.


Matia Baroni3 Comments