Summer and My Attitude

Sometimes…….most of the time lately…….I wonder why my attitude has changed towards changes.

Different ages bring about different changes. All of my life I have felt apt for handling just about anything that would come my way.

Changing countries and learning a new language. Sure…….Why Not. Not always easy, but I did it.

Changing work environments…….model, television presenter, fashion journalist, creative department at Ralph Lauren……..then my own line of pret-a-porter and now producing cashmere since a few years.

Changes on the home front………Should have known better……….Frenchmen do have a reputation.

My daughters leaving home and starting their lives without my constant supervision. Yea!!! They were ready!!! Overly protective……..overly strict……….their choice of words. I have no regrets as this comes with the territory of raising children. Overly loving one’s children cannot exist.

What is this all about you ask. The point is this.

All of these major changes in my life had given me the force and desire to do even better tomorrow.

I have been doing my blog since about 4 years now. I have loved sharing just about everything and anything with you. It has been much fun showing you details of my life, but my question is this……….is it still fun for you. Strangely enough, my attitude has been changing about how this could possibly be of interest on any level to you, my readers. I feel I must make some changes, but for the moment, those changes just do not seem apparent for me.

I actually bought a new video camera, but have yet to master any technique that I feel is presentable. I have a new found admiration for people who are capable of doing anything on film. Hey, it’s hard, people! Try it yourself.

So, this summer has found me not doing much in the way of posting. Please do not think me lazy or uninterested or unenthusiastic. It is just my change of attitude……..I have become a little shy and reticent to talk about the same old things. Clothes, clothes and more clothes. Enough already, right? Problem being is that this is about the only thing that never changes in my life………my love of putting together a look for the day, and the one thing I have still have some control over.

Yep, for the first time in my life, I am feeling a little melancholy about changes. So, I need to change my attitude…….once again…… can I do better. My thought for the day is this: The best part about life is having an appetite……..on all levels. Never lose your appetite for life. So, maybe being hungry for another “change” in my life is positive. I will keep you posted.

Black silk laser cut t-shirt by La Prestic Ouiston for Crimson

Pale pink cashmere cardie with a charm bracelet woven on the sleeve

Ralph Lauren Collection jeans

Balenciaga sandals

Hope your summer days have been filled with sunshine.


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