Khaki and Blue

Paris is already seeing the changes of the transition from summer to fall. Mornings are very cool and the air is crisp. Trees in the Tuileries and on the Quai are changing from green to red and gold. Getting dressed in the morning means being able to make the transition from morning to mid-day when the sun is overhead and warming the day.

Even summer colors do not seem appropriate these last few days. So, I brought out my khaki and navy blue staples. Threw on my tie and dyed green cashmere scarf, bronze ballet slippers and out the door for my shop. Changed the color of Crimson’s wall this august. Went from dark grey to chalky white. That is another story for the next post. Pictures will prevail!!!

You might notice that I am wearing yet again another top from La Pristic Ouiston. These one of a kind silk tops are really making me happy. No major chain’s brand name and yet I feel dressed in Haute Couture whenever I slip one over my head.

This particular top is made of vintage scarves with a crazy mix as Laurence (the creator) tends to do. She has used a laser to make razor sharp slits all over, which gives it a modern edge. Love this vintage and modern edge mix. There is obviously no age limit on this collector’s piece.

My Current Elliott military looking pant has been a good staple for three years now. Each time I edit my closet, loyalty to this item remains intact. I particularly enjoy the bronze rivot detailing on the back pockets.

This 45RPM denim peacoat is a life saver for me. Raw denim with just the right weight gets me through many a cool day. Denim jackets are also a must in my wardrobe. What is missing right now is a short vintage one that works well with skirts and dresses. Also, it would need to be almost a size too small so as to not look heavy. You know what I mean.

Bronze ballet flats (Chloe’s from last winter) mix well when needing a neutral color shoe. I am never satisfied with just putting on black shoes when one can be a bit more refined. So many more choices out there if we just take the time to care. Honestly? No, I don’t always care, either. LOL

I am out the door for a mid morning brunch at Rose Bakery that has just opened its doors at Bon Marche. Five minutes from my house……..

Thank you Sharron Z., Marianna, Anne D., Severine and my beloved Sister who wrote such encouraging comments on my last post. I was needing exactly that. Your care lifted my heart.

Hugs to all, Linda


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