The Beauty and her Beau

Kelly and Laurent cannot be categorized. Not to be compared to a modern Grace Kelly or a younger Johnny Depp, they are my It Couple and this is Their Story.

I love when I see Kelly arriving to work on the back of Laurent’s motorcycle. Of course he has a motorcycle!!! What else, right? Anyway, she lights up my boutique when she walks in the door. That smile is so contagious, it makes me laugh. You would think the girl is in love!!! Laurent always lingers on his bike until she is inside the door. I watch him as he watches her walk away. The guy is mesmerized.

If you remember, I have already written about Kelly. She is currently involved with acting interships and working at Crimson on her available days. Having just arrived in Paris six months ago, she was resourceful enough to pound those sidewalks to find an apartment and a job to pay her rent. Not that easy as you can imagine. Everyone at Crimson loves her energy and my clients have all adopted her. Yea, obviously the guys get a little distracted from buying cashmere when they see her, but she is strictly business. The girl has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Parents be proud!!!

Laurent has paid his dues and did his homework at the same time. After attending acting school in Paris, he opted to perfect his art and his english while studying in London, waiting tables to pay his rent. Once back in Paris, Laurent pounded the streets until he found someone who believed in him. Persistent enough to stage a sit-in strike in one agency and stating he would not leave until someone actually noticed he was there. Some clever girl signed him up as her client and together they are making it happen. Laurent is becoming a name in the french industry and is constantly hopping planes for film locations. Seriously, how could they resist?

Kelly is wearing Crimson’s Classic Crew Neck and spiderweb cashmere scarf……both in Loden Green.

Laurent is wearing Crimson’s thick cashmere bonnet and spiderweb cashmere scarf…..both in black.

My spiderweb scarf was inspired by my fashion mentor in L.A., Eve Gerber. You asked for it, sweetheart, and I hope you like it. One is on its way!!!

Have a lovely week, people.


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