Me? Really?

By now you might know that there is such a thing as a fashion blogger. THIS is an individual who takes pictures and covers fashion. There are a few who have made a very successful career out of their passion by doing this job.

Personal Favorites: The Sartorialist by Scott Schumann, Garance Dore, and Tommy Ton

You can imagine how flattered I was when Tommy Ton’s picture of me in Florence at Pitti Uomo appeared on his website this week. It was actually my friend, Caroline Nie, in Hong Kong who noticed it and forwarded it to me.

As I love his personal eye on choosing his subjects, I feel especially honored that he would pick me out in the crowd. Yes, I admit, I feel special.

Thanks for making my day, Tommy Ton.

P.S. If you care about fashion photos…….and I KNOW you do………please do check out his blog on-line.

Tommy Ton on

Wearing my cashmere bonnet from Crimson, scarf by Pierre Louis Maschia, coat by Arthur & Fox, bag by Henry Cuir and camel cardie from Crimson.


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