Meanwhile Back in Marrakech

How can I explain my absences on my own personal blog? I ask myself this question several times a day. Then I ask myself the question is it important to explain or is it better just to GET ON WITH my posts and try not to let LIFE deter me. In fact, I just like clarity. I appreciate coherence, and I feel my blog has not been coherent in its consistency.

It is not too complicated to explain. I am working in my boutique about 10 hours a day and usually 6 days a week. Most sundays can find me doing something or another in my boutique. Working on something that cannot be done easily during opening hours. I also have needed to form a new team for CRIMSON. This has been challenging, but I am one PROUD woman today with the ladies whom I have come to refer to as my Crimson’s Angels. With their permission, I think it would be nice to profile them in a post in the very near future. They each have their own story that is quite interesting. Wonderful ladies who have travelled to Paris from different parts of the world. They are the backbone of making Crimson’s international clientel happy to come back time and time again.

Also, I am beginning to worry about being a little one dimensional. Pictures of myself seem narcistic, and a little pretentious. I dislike this feeling even though I know my motivations are otherwise. I like to think I am giving women of a certain age some ideas for dressing and remaining themselves in the face of fashion which is eternally changing.

In the end, it is a question or organization and motivation. Believe me I am motivated!!! Now, let me find a better sense of using my working day to include some more consistency in doing what I love…….MY BLOG!!!

Today finds me back in Marrakech for the holidays with my girls, their beaux and other family members. My daughter, India, took these pictures yesterday.

I love the idea of pyjama dressing around the pool. Today I was wearing a silk patchwork pant from La Prestic Ouiston. Crimson’s own “made in France” white poplin shirt (to be ordered on my website…….Crimson Cashmere). I had my initials hand embroidered in red. I have ordered several for myself as I find myself more and more happy with wearing this great oversized shirt in a wonderful Swiss cotton. I have done initials in blue, red and white on white. Nice personal touch.

As usual, I am sporting my Rondini gold metalic tropezienne sandals and to top it all off……my ex-husband’s lovely panama hat. We switched……he liked the lightness and color of mine……..and I liked the vintageness (is that a word?) of his. Somehow it worked out for both of us. Hey, nice to have some things work out!!!

Hoping your holidays are going well…………linda back for the moment!!!

P.S. The beige cashmere cardigan is from the men’s selection chez CRIMSON.


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