Sophie’s Style

I love Sophie’s style, and I love detailing her look as soon as she walks into my boutique. Things automatically get a little crazy when she visits, because she makes it that way!!! An energy level above average and her incredible ability to bring everyone “right down to earth”. Incapable of being pretentious or taking herself too seriously, me and the Crimson team are usually laughing and feeling good about life, two seconds after she has entered the door. As a visit is always as brief as springtime sunshine, we bask in the light she gives us. Yep, some people just have a way of making you feel that way.

Thanks, Sophie, and please come again SOON!!!

Hat from Crimson (yes, we sell hats……beaver and handmade in the best of Italian tradition). Sophie bought the brown at the beginning of the season and popped in yesterday to purchase the black. She LOVES our hats.

Sweater and socks………..Yep, Crimson.

Constance bag from Hermes.

Celine vans.

Vintage denim shirt and jeans.


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