Perfection in a White Oxford Shirt

White shirts are nothing new in my wardrobe, but a perfect white oxford button down is NEWS.

I was looking to buy another jean from my favorite shopping mecca in Paris but fell in love with their new oxford shirt for ladies. NOT TO WORRY…….I found a great jean, also. It is hard not to fall in love with several items chez 45RPM as it is a life style that I have championed my whole life. You will remember I have spoken about this brand several times already in my blog. I am totally addicted, and I see no way out. Not that I am looking for one, really.

Their BASICS are the BEST. That is if we are talking my basics…..jeans, t-shirts and now oxford shirts.

My favorite t’s are always bought in one of their stores…….either in Paris or NYC. Justifying another t-shirt always comes easy but the jeans and shirts take many try-ons and ample reflection. Prices mandate that. Denim is a serious deal for this company and considering the choices of weight, dye and cut, I would assume there are some experts working towards evolution in their collection at all times.

‘Nuff said about that. The point of this post is my perfection of a new shirt. As much as I like oversized articles, an oxford shirt can get a little bulky if one wants to layer a nice cashmere cardigan for the upcoming spring season. This particular shirt is cut a little closer to the body and has a length that makes it easy to wear out and over pants (yea, jeans) and even skirts (think long silk or short chambray). As my favorite article since several seasons at Crimson has been my fluffy crew neck sweater, this shirt is perfect to pair with those as there leaves just the right amount of fabric showing underneath.

Buttons are thick shell and the collar is the perfect length so as to leave it unbuttoned. So, you are saying and so what……….RIGHT? There have been many companies to produce a cotton oxford shirt. Agreed………except 45RPM got it RIGHT!!!

On this week’s vacation back to Marrakech, it has been perfect with my silk pyjamas pants as a poolside bathing suit cover-up. I am a little tired of pareos!!!

A kiss is just a kiss but a perfect oxford shirt is so much more.


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