Tuxedo Shirt for My Day

Once upon a time……..no, that’s not a good start……..hum……….how can I put this……..oh dear………what the hell………just put it out there, Linda, no one cares!!!

My ex-husband has the best sartorial taste ever, and he has the most beautiful “chemise de smoking” (this is the french term………smoking shirt……….oh, those French………forever mysterious). O.K. moving right along!!! Since I was yearning (old school word for desiring and/or wanting) to have one of my own, I simply requested that he loan his 30 year old “chemise de smoking” (he has grown since then….LOL) to be copied by and for yours truly. Not only did he loan his prized vintage shirt to me, he also gave me the source for the fabric (Suisse voile and piquet). Called Switzerland, ordered required metrage and had shipped to Crimson.

Jealous yet? NON!!! O.K., I get it……you have better things to do with your day. Whatever!!!

Now, the next step gets tricky. Who is going to make such a beautiful shirt? Not to worry as one of Crimson’s favorite clients came to the rescue. Is this story getting too long for you? Sorry, but each person deserves an honorable mention. Do not hang up (old school word for signing off), because you can have your very own “chemise de smoking” before very long!!! Excited now? As I am sure he would prefer to remain in the shadows of “creation” (new school terminology for anonymous), I shall refer to him as Monsieur S. going forward. Monsieur S. has all of his shirts handmade in an atelier in France. Sadly enough this is very rare as most ateliers specializing in handmade anything in France have been forced to close in recent years. Any ordinary citizen would have never divulged this very privileged address, but as Monsieur S. is out of the ordinary (short term for generous and joyful), he delighted in becoming a part of this project.

Franck is his name and that is all the information you are getting out of me, because I will not divulge my new secret address. Yes, I am very ordinary unlike Monsieur S.!!! Franck’s atelier is several hours from Paris, and he makes one trip a week to the City of Lights to deliver to his clients. After a few visits and so very few alterations (Franck knows his stuff……..second generation in handmade shirtings), I am the proud new owner of my “chemise de smoking”. No, this is not the end of my story!!!

Franck has now produced a beautiful new “white shirt creation” exclusively for CRIMSON. This will soon be on my website, along with the famous tuxedo shirt. More details and updates as it becomes available for production………personalised with your own hand embroidered initials. Seriously pretty!!!

Special thanks to all the boys (Michel, Franck and Monsieur S.) for their collaboration in helping to put a big SMILE on my face and that FAB shirt in my closet!!!

Another something new is the jean………..45RPM……….for men. I just purchased this jean last week, and I am in LOVE. As I am tired of cuffing my jeans, I decided to cut the bottom as I do with my jean skirts. This gives the bottom a little less “heavy” look. I just get CRAZY when spring arrives, because I also just purchased these great Saint Laurent metallic leopard ballet flats. Oh yea, and that cashmere scarf and sweater……..Crimson for sure.

Now, I must settle down and get back to work on producing those white shirts for Crimson and You, I hope.


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