Charm bracelets, charm necklaces……..CHARMS!!! I have always loved the concept of collecting memories in the way of charms.

My two daughters thought it was time I got started. Hope they were not thinking time is running out!!!

They figured a charm bracelet would interfere with my work day, so they opted to get me started with a charm necklace. India presented me with my first charm as you will notice in my photo (taken in the glorious sunshine of Marrakech) and (yes, I am back). I loved the medallion with their names printed one one side and LOVE on the other.

The gold Main de Fatma was given to me by a young lady from Casablanca. It instantly brings a smile to my face, because I think of the days she was coming to our house regularly and helping Tatiana prepare for her college entrance exams. Meryam has now finished her own degree in finance and is working on ave. Montagne which is just around the corner from my boutique. Reminds me, I must call her for lunch!!! Love this girl and the wonderful work she did with Tatiana. She provided our family with great memories.

The rose colored horn shaped charm was of my own choosing. My good luck charm obviously.

If you are wondering about the necklace chain………and I am sure you are………entirely handmade in gold.

So, now that I have gotten started, my plan is to add on carefully with symbols that make me happy and remind of a nice moment in a place and time.

Enjoy your weekend………Linda


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