I Am Happy……

April in Paris has seen some beautiful sun shiny days. April in Paris has seen some days that chill you to the bone and back.

Crimson’s lightweight and loosely knitted cashmere crew neck has been my constant companion. I am not one to be “Liking” everything that I manufacture for Crimson, because I also have to think outside of my own personal realm for the reality of retail success. My accountant says something about “bottom line”. Whatever, that means!!!

As Pharrell Williams sings “I am Happy”……….to have my crimson crew neck. It is my comfort piece. It is my pretty piece. Yes, I feel well dressed when I am wearing it. As it’s construction is light and airy, it looks and feels only like a whisper of cashmere sitting on my shoulders. It gives me a peaceful approach for my overloaded work day.

Give me my white shirt, my jeans and my fluffy sweater and I am indeed Happy.

Have a great week wherever you are……..sending hugs, Linda


Matia BaroniComment