The Girl’s Got Style

I just got back from a trip home to the USA. It was a very exciting and somewhat emotionally packed week as my daughter, Tatiana, graduated from Smith College where she has been studying for the last four years.

Hopefully Tatiana will forgive me for featuring her in my blog (she is not a fan of photos!!!), but I thought it might be fun to feature the younger generation for a change. This weekend provided plenty of opportunities to capture Tatiana’s style.

You will see Tats with her dad whose style is always greatly appreciated. There is also a picture of Tatiana with one of her best friends and fellow classmates with whom she attended classes at Amherst. You know when you can trust someone as an individual? Well, this is Blaine………classic in dress and a true class act.

Yes, this is part of my personal world and I am posting it on my blog. I love sharing the parts of my life that make me smile and feel good.

Congratulations, Tatiana. Proud of your hard work and LOVE your style!!!


Matia BaroniComment