A Girl and Her Dog

That would be my daughter, India and Django her 4 month old Golden Retriever.

Django has pretty much taken over my shop, my shop girls and me. Yep, we love him and he already plays us like putty in his paw. I found Alex, my new collaboratrice and store director feeding him water out of her hands today. Explanation was that he did not want to drink out of his water container. O.K., Alex, if you say so. Natacha likes running around and around the shop and letting him run after her. Never mind the clients, Natacha!!! Kelly lets him chew on her Converse shoes…….her new ones.

Any and all normalcy goes quickly out the door as soon as Django leaps in the door. There is no putting him in my back office either as the girls all look at me as if I am the wicked witch of the west. So, there you go…….I am no longer in charge.

It would appear that Django has become the number one priority as far as Crimson business is concerned.

I am the first to admit he is greatly missed when he has better things to do than hang out with me and the girls chez CRIMSON. He obviously has another life!!!


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