Who's That Girl?

I saw this young lady sitting on the curb taking a break from her job. When I asked if I could take a few photos of her, she replied, “Sure but not my face”. Ah, that lovely face. No way I could convince her, so here is what I have.

Her family is from Haiti (notice the gold Haitian charm around her neck) and she was born and raised in Paris. She is a painter and absolutely loves her work. She has the softest demeanor ever, a large personality and a beautiful face.  Hope she agrees when she sees what I post (I gave her my card with my blog address). I explained to her that I had a blog and loved her style. She had a big laugh over that one. However, I was quite serious. When I told her those painter pants would cost a fortune in certain shops, she laughed again. ON this we agreed!!!

Well, lovely painter girl. Thank you for those few moments you accorded me.  To start my day discovering a hidden gem on the streets of Paris just made my day worthwhile. So happy to have met you!!!

Matia Baroni1 Comment