Don’t Mess With Texas

This is exactly the way Texans feel. Mess with Texas and we will mess with you. Yep, I am Texas born and bred……….albeit slightly displaced to Paris.

My last visit was 6 weeks ago, and I am already longing to return. It is the 11 hour flight and 7 hour jet-lag that keeps me from hopping on a plane and returning home more often. Not to mention the flight fare!!!

Some side notes……Texas cowboys only wear Wrangler jeans…….they must break on the boot……and they DO NOT wear them baggy. Best place to shop for cowboy gear is at Leddy Bros. in Cowtown.

Lunch is always in Cowtown……old part of Ft. Worth……..chips and salsa, guacamole salad, tacos, corn on the cob and a fresh root beer in a frozen mug.

Confession: When I am in Paris, I long for my Texas so very much. When I am in Texas, I never think about Paris.

This is how I roam when I am home.

Eternal love to my favorite cowboy. He knows who he is. Here’s laughing with you!!!


Matia Baroni1 Comment