Pink and Painters Pants

Pink is my Passion!!! I love Pink. Pink is girly. Pink is pretty. Pink is FOREVER…..

OK, I will stop writing in pink. In fact, I just discovered this very moment that there is this tab I could click on to make magic with colors. Sometimes I look at all the possibilities on my screen and actually try one. I have been trying to recruit a young person to help me with my blog and website. Most of the time, the “kids” do not even call back. Is this a private club for under 40? I put 40 for safety’s sake, because in fact, I feel like anyone under 30 has absolutely no patience whatsoever, ever, ever to spend time to explain “COMPUTER THINGS” to me. Jeeze Louise, children, have a heart and stop saying, “Oh, just let me do it…… will be faster”. Faster is not the problem!!!

I feel better now that I have gotten that off my chest…….NOW, back to important matters…… and painter’s pants. RIGHT?

Recently, I have decided to adapt the words of famed blogger Scott Schuman from the SARTORIALIST (best blog ever). Well, his and his girlfriend’s blog GARANCE DORE. Does not get any better than these two blogs for “FASHION” crazies like me. I don’t look like that, do I? Fashion crazy I mean. Still, it is my passion. Scott’s words were, “Wear what is already in your closet”.

When I made the big move from Married Lady to……..yes, you got it………Unmarried Lady………….from 400 square meters to 40 square meters, I got rid of a LOT OF THINGS!!! LOL

I will be honest with you. Most of my friends and entourage in general looked at me with pain in their eyes. What they did not realise or want to know is that it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I learned so much about “living lighter”. So, out went the “excess of living” and now I am learning to “live with less”. For those of you who are thinking, “Oh, but she has so much more than so many people”, I have learned I DO NOT WANT to compare myself with others who have less or who have more. My life is my responsability, and I want to learn to be happy with MY LIFE.

Jeeze Louise, why am I going off on all these tangents this morning. Must be the pot of strong green tea I just finished. Are you green tea or black tea drinkers?

Best exercise in the world. Pair and wear the clothes you own. Do something different…….mix up those separates. You will feel like you have something new. You can cheat and buy something new to go with something old!!!

OK…….truth in this post as follows.

45 RPM painters pants are about 6 years old.

CRIMSON LOVE sweater is about 7 or 8 years old (who is counting!).

RONDINI sandals about 3 years old.

ARTHUR & FOX pink silk blouse is new (sample sale).

I love my Buddhist prayer beads bracelet gifted from my friend Caroline from Hong Kong. I literally wear it everyday. Love the texture……love the smell (sandalwood). Makes me feel COOL, CALM, and COLLECTED.

Personalised Linda bracelet is from RAINBOWLINKS.

Earrings are from Japan (Caroline’s sourcing)……platinum hoop with laser cut diamond. NICE find, Caroline!!!

So, I am out of here…..Sunday and a beautiful day in Paris. Too late to do my run in the Tuileries (blog post…..good excuse). My daughters are back today from a wedding in Italy. Cannot wait to see them and give them a hug. They are my luxury!!!

P.S. Those brown spots on my arm and hand: My own from 66 years of living and maybe some of those in the SUN. I do know how to use the retouch tab, but did not want to hide “my truth”.


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