West Texas Women

I recently went home to Texas. How many times I can use this word “home” and be happy. That very word evokes so many emotions that include so many memories. Making new memories to cherish is a life long privilege and a joy not to be taken for granted.

So a road trip back to West Texas where my family’s roots are….. still a thrill for me. My sidekicks…….my fellow Musketeers…….my sister and my Aunt Bec. We three hit the road as the sun is coming up and the day is full of stops at our favorite haunts. However beautiful we find the local cowboys in our favorite cafe and however good the “peanut buster” still is at the Dairy Queen in Hamlin, nothing compares with the feeling of pulling up in front of those homes where our loved ones are residing and waiting for us with open arms. Sisters, brother-in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews…….You are our lifeline. Thank you for being there at the end of the day as you are greatly loved.

Aunt Joyce, we spoke of you every inch of the way. Your presence was sorely missed, but your greatness of being is our pride and joy. Oh, how you are loved and admired.

So, this being my birthday, I celebrate in thanking my beloved family back home and to all those incredible West Texas Women. You inspire my life.

P.S. Yes, that is a lime green poncho on my sister and a pale stone cashmere poncho on my Aunt Bec. A road trip without a poncho? NEVER!!!


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