Beatrice and Charlotte

Once upon a time, there were two little girls. Beatrice and Charlotte…….they are twins. Being the big city girls that they are, time with Nana (their grandmother) out on Long Island allows them to dream of summer things…… fireflies, sheep in the meadows, cows in the barn, dandelions to pick, pussywillows to blow and make a wish upon……..and even walks and picnics on the beach. Such is the life on the Farm in Bridgehampton.

Their grandmother has been my best friend for 42 years now. You might remember earlier posts I have made of Betsy and myself. We met when we were both modeling in Chicago. Betsy was just 20 and I was just 24. You do the math. Betsy’s daughter, Hillary (my godchild), blessed us all with the birth of these beautiful twins three years ago this august.

When I was back in the States for Tatiana’s graduation in May, I made a side trip to the Hamptons to catch up with the activity of a weekend at Nana’s farmhouse by the sea.

Sending tons of love to Betsy, Hillary, Charlotte and Beatrice…….missing you madly.

P.S. Betsy is wearing Crimson’s Famous Poncho in natural medium dyed cashmere.

I am wearing Crimson’s crew neck and poncho in Boudoir pink.

Beatrice and Charlotte are wearing Bonpoint’s fisherman’s sweaters.


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