Summer Blues #2

Honestly, I have started writing this post several times and repeatedly wiped away all my written words.

Thing is “toute simplement” (simply enough), I am having one of the best vacations of my life. Obviously each one has his or her criteria, but all of mine have been met and then some.

Hotel is the wrong word for Trasierra. Trasierra is just Trasierra. Sounds like a song? Well, it is a beautiful song. Set in the hills outside Seville…….

I would be guilty of trying too hard to explain the beauty and charm of this place if I started to write down in words.

So, once again, let me show you with my second series of Summer Blues.

If you don’t get it……..doesn’t matter………Leaves more opportunity for those like me who have fallen in love and would love to return and have the same room.

Actually, a friend has loaned hers to me for this week. This is the way it happens here in heaven.

Now, for the fashion report!!!

Lilly Pulitzer blue and white printed short

Crimson Classic white poplin oversized shirt (initials my own)


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