Endless Summer

Summer accessories make me happy. I collect summer things. Yes, collect. All year long and any place I happen to chance upon something fun for summer, I just buy it. I know at some point and time, I can just bring it out and have fun remembering why I found it. I guess you can say I live an endless summer in my mind.

In these pictures you will find my assorted beach bringings a couple of weeks ago in St. Trop. I love bright colorful things. The scarf is from my shop, Crimson, and the bright orange printed beach bag is from the boutique at Club 55. A major purchase this summer has been the orange crocodile Tropezienne sandals, which I actually ordered last summer at Rondini. The big colorful scarf with the NYC skyline is from Crimson. I love it so much!!! NOW!!! Those bracelets!!! My daughter, India, will be selling them on her blog within a few days. I will let you know when they are available. Call them whatever you like, but I call them Summer Fun!!!

We’re walking on sunshine………


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