Classic or Modern Traditional......The same or different?


My love affair with fashion has slowly taken a turn in a different direction…..meaning I still enjoy looking for new pieces to modernize my wardrobe each season but getting excited and actually adding to it these days, has become a bit more complicated.

Reality began to set in when I did not actually make it to the check out counter with those usual  fashion magazines. It has been a long and loyal international love affair. Amongst my constants were American, English and Spanish Vogue. Bazaar and Harper’s Bazaar were a monthly rendezvous, and Giovanna Battaglia’s personal shopping page always provided a fun moment while perusing W magazine. I now consol myself with Tatler and Vanity Fair!!!

Relating to those beautiful young girls in those equally beautiful new designer collections became the challenge. I can appreciate the images, but the clothes No longer work for me and my time in life.

Sundays are for strolling around Paris and enjoying this beautiful city. So, my ritual was always to take a walk from my apartment on the Left Bank over the bridge to the Jardins des Tuileries on the Right Bank then just cross the rue de Rivoli to the Smith Book Shop. I do miss that visit. However, a change of direction is guaranteed to open up the possibilities for discovery and inspiration of a different sort.

The point is I have accepted the evolution of my classic style along my age!!! I do not mind flirting with somethings new and fun, but this is called a fashion mood. We all know moods are fleeting, right?  On the other hand, adding something new that is a modern version of a timeless classic is what I can get excited about. Are you girls following me here?

Today I find pleasure when refreshing my wardrobe with pieces I know I will be happy wearing for several seasons. I have a friend who uses the term traditionally modern when referring to his beautiful home in Connecticut. Could I just borrow that term for my personal sense of style?

Are you feeling a sense of security in your style with age? Honestly, I feel more comfortable with myself. Does this sound like a True Confession magazine!!!

My big investment this new winter season has been this camel coat from Arthur & Fox in Paris. It is actually a man’s coat, but I had the shoulders taken in and the sleeves narrowed as well. I felt like it was a better quality and cut for the money. It allows for more room to layer underneath when needed. 

A touch of red is always a good idea, so I added this cashmere crewneck from CRIMSON…….perks as a shop owner!!! The camel poncho worn as a scarf is also a cashmere piece I have made in Scotland for my shop. There are over 50 colors on the shelves right now!!!

Oh, yes and never forget to have at least one good pair of corduroy jeans for each season. Once again I opted for the man’s cut at ACNE STUDIO at their Palais Royale boutique, but I am sure you might find these on-line. These have a little bit of stretch and I took them in a size 28. They did not offer them for us girls this season. Why oh Why? Do you not agree that we need these, ladies?

My printed pocket square is from Drake’s, and you can find them on-line as I have sold out in CRIMSON.  They make beautiful accessories for men, and I love accessorizing my looks with their scarves as well.

Gucci has become a go to for shoes lately, and I am in love with this new silhouette for their classic loafer.

The gold spiral earrings from Ibu Gallery in Paris have proven a fun accessory, and I NEVER thought I would wear hoops. Never Ever.

Nice catching up with you!!!


Talk to you soon………Linda




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