Hello Is it me you are looking for?

I don’t know why these things happen!!! I bought a new computer, and it spent the winter hating me. Seriously, I am not kidding. My daughter asked me yesterday, “Mom, why does this always happen to you”? 

Answer is so simple really. I want to buy a new computer and I want to know how it works immediately upon purchasing!!! Oh, it does not work that way? Why NOT?  Upgrading means downgrading my capacities to comprehend and/or adapt. I understand that after weeks of trying to sort this out on my own. Many a trial and error ended in my computer blocking me from even trying to post on my blog.  Not exactly a corporate take-over or a coup d’etat…….just my “back office” ghost manager throwing trick questions at me which I found impossible to answer. Damnit!!! That is so stressful!!!

India, my Number One Daughter (I have two) explained that I must go to Apple and ask for explanations. What I might never have mentioned is that I am ATTENTION DEFICIT to a degree that “learning new procedures” is scary as hell to me. I am willing but am already tired of concentrating before I begin the process of looking the person in the eye and trying to understand. What a mindset one must have. Discipline unbeknownst to MOI!!!

I might also explain that passwords come and go…….they get lost along with the agenda they were written on and the kind of mood I am in for the day. Does that happen to you? Change passwords with your moods? NO? Oh, OK!!! I will remain non-moody when setting passwords in the future.

Details of deterring factors will not be of any use at this point. Let us just end this particular sequence in the “off and on” blogging world of Linda Wright in saying Thank You for Your Concern. I have received so many messages asking if something is wrong. Strangely enough, these I normally receive in the “undesired” box of my e-mail. Hey, I am just happy to retrieve these lovely messages from you caring people out there.

Now, let’s just get on with it!!! Trial and Error has become my Best Friend.

While I am being honest, I might also admit that I find it difficult to find someone I am willing to ask to take photos of me. This in itself is becoming embarrassing. Photos of me? Why would I continue this I ask myself. So not my style to ask someone to take pictures of me for my blog on a particular day. I love it when I ask my daughter and she says, “OK, Mom, what’s the idea today?”.  This is easy to explain. Universally called the Generation Gap!!! Difficult to explain why I think that white shirt and jeans (yes, for the 100th time) looks especially convincing today!!! Maybe she is right……..what is the idea today?

Here is my answer. I have a mission or an idea and that is to give to ladies my age some easy and approachable options for dressing. I have been in the fashion industry since I was 24. That has been for the last 46 years. Do your math, people. Yep, 68 on the 7th of June…….born in 1948.  I spent my early years in Paris as a model (I hate to admit that one as it sounds so ……..je ne sais quoi), then started working as a fashion editor for Femme Magazine, went on to work in the creative department for Ralph Lauren and also did his wholesale business in France during a period of time. I consequently decided it was time to spread my wings and start my own business. Believe me I have had my ups and downs with entrepreneurialship, but have always managed to go forward and keep my head above water while ignoring the doubters and their negative attitude. I have learned there will always be THOSE DOUBTERS no matter where you want to go. Best to smile and go your own way. Do not discuss with people who throw words of doubt around as if it were sacred therapy. IT AIN’T!!! 

This particular spring has been HORRID in Paris. I am talking cold and rainy on most days. Worst weather I have witnessed since coming here some 35 years ago. So, my cashmere sweaters have been my staple. Easiest thing in the world is putting on a white shirt, cashmere sweater (or cotton or wool or whatever!!!), pair of jeans and a silk scarf around the neck. Oh, and do not forget a great pair of shoes. It should start from there by the way. I do believe in keeping it simple.

My philosophy is certainly not for everyone, but for those of you who “appreciate” my style, I do hope we can become friends on this blog.

By the way if you enjoy Instagram……..you may find my postings under: lindavwright………you can google this.

The jeans in these photos are my first purchase of a black jean. This particular one is from ACNE.  I am enjoying putting a crew neck cashmere sweater from my shop, CRIMSON, and pairing that with my Stubbs and Wootton velvet flats that I ordered on line. My newest obsession are my scarves from Sabina Savage. She is an amazing talent from London. Only 26 years of age and has a talent for design and color that I truly appreciate. Her scarves are sold in my shop, and I am trying to collect a few each season. I must curb my appetite for her scarves………afterall, they are there for my clients!!!

Hope you are enjoying a sunny sunday, ’cause in Paris…….raining cats and dogs. No men to be seen!!!

XOXO Linda

P.S. One perk of me not knowing much about “touching” up the photos is you will have an honest account of my aging. Yep, brown spots and all!!! Hope you have some courage!!! I had to find some!!!