Too Many Thoughts and Too Many Places to Go

 Indeed, too many thoughts. That has always been a problem I have encountered. My mind goes in a million different directions. I want to do this, and I want to do that. I want to go there and I want to see this or listen to that.

What could have been a very lazy sunday turned out to be a research kind of a day. You see, I want to always offer something more for my clients at CRIMSON. Hence, I am constantly thinking what would make them happy. What would give them an Oh, I love this kind of moment. Hey!!! Those moments are not to be taken for granted. I certainly do not take them for granted on either end of the spectrum. 

I love falling in love with something. It can be on my wish list for years. I do not mind. What is important is never loosing your appetite for finding and appreciating something. Something can be anything. Each one of us has our own personal agenda as far as that is concerned. For some of us, it is travel or food or fashion, for others it could be gardening or a favorite sport. Oh, there are endless possibilities, and that is beautiful. Endless possibilities. Music!!! Art!!! Sandy Beaches to explore……..and more and more and more. 

One of my new interests is to offer slippers in my shop. I love Stubbs and Wootton as you know. I have collected them over the years and will continue. However, I am in the mood for some personally designed needle point slippers. I saw a picture a few years back of a vintage pair that were done with peonies in purple, yellow and if my memory serves me correctly………a little cream and lavender……..on a black background. It has stayed with me. Thanks to a good friend, I now have an address in London where I might pursue this idea. Also, my mind is racing towards a LLBean type of bag done in needlepoint. Wouldn’t that be FAB!!! Hopefully, I can design a few styles and offer them on my website.  All of this is just a desire, now I must get to work on the realisation. Give me a little time, and I will come up with something pretty. I hope!!! The journey of all projects is so rewarding. 

For summer I was dreaming of beautiful linen dresses with Moroccan embroidery covering most of the sleeves and the upper top part of the dress. Getting a little late, but I hope to fly to Marrakech in the next month and give my project to an atelier I have discovered. 

Oh yea, and then there is the “capsule silk collection” that I made last spring with the help of a stylist and pattern maker. I have tried to source an atelier in France to make this, but it proved too costlly. French silk was too expensive as well. Next stop? Italy!!! Believe it or not, production in both departments is much more reasonable than France. This is sad but true. Salaries plus their charges and government taxes have proved to be the downfall of most of the fashion production in this Fashion Capital. 

For my cashmere sweaters I now would love to start offering natural dyed yarn. This has become an obsession with me. I have found one lady in Maine who does amazing work. Instagram!!! Yes Indeed!!! Thank you Instagram. This is how I found her. Now, I must find a phone number and contact her. Sure, inboxing messages would help, also. Believe it or not, I must learn how to do this. See? Always something else to learn in order to go forward in this day and age. Anyway, back to the idea. Can you just imagine a beautifully handknitted sweater done in a beautiful pale pink cashmere dyed from some beautiful plant. Am I the only one excited over this idea?

For my sunday evening? OK, Do not laugh, but I am going to start the Sex and the City series. Never watched it.

No judgements please!!!

Before hanging up the phone……..Please let me say Thank You to my readers who leave me the most wonderful messages. They warm my heart to a point, that you have no idea. The sweet, encouraging and just “girly” messages that make me feel just so damned good. Excuse the language, but seriously, they make me feel so appreciated. Who in the world would not appreciate feeling appreciated? Yes, they leave me content and happy that somehow I have connected with some truly lovely individual. That being YOU.

X’s and O’s for all of YOU……..Linda

Oh yea, almost forgot. I was feeling like looking a little more like a girl who loves being a girl these last few weeks, and I actually bought two skirts. Here is one of them.

Lace lavender skirt from Gucci

Grey cashmere sweater from Crimson

Navy double breasted coat from Jill Sander……..when Jill Sander was designing…….so, a little vintage.

Dark chocolate lace-up shoes from Church’s

Navy wool beret from Crimson…….this is actually made in FRANCE. YAY!!!

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